The Bingo Committee was hard at work

during the rescheduled Triannual Bingo committee meeting held at the Louie residence Sunday night.  Topics discussed at this working meeting included how to find and retain new bingo patrons, how to deliver a better bingo experience for all patrons, how to keep our regular players happy and the Tiger Bingo financials.  Additionally the respective bingo committees scheduled their member work dates.  To find out more about the inner workings of Tiger Bingo please fill out the bingo volunteer forms and volunteer!

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triannual meeting 2 012614


“I volunteered at Bingo last Saturday and it was a blast!”

JA Bingo-1040222Said Tiger Bingo volunteer SPHS Principal Janet Anderson.  Join Ms. Anderson and like minded Bingo volunteers to support your student’s high school experience.  Bingo volunteer Janet Anderson shown hard at work, Flash anyone?

Show your support like Ms. Anderson does, volunteering.  Fill in the Bingo Volunteer Form and a Booster Club Volunteer coordinator will contact you about volunteering.

Volunteers needed to fill Bingo Setup slots

We have plenty of open volunteer spots for student and parent volunteers for Tiger Bingo this summer. Please contact Joan Aguado to help her fill the available volunteer schedule slots. Team and group slots are available and individual volunteers will be accepted too on a space-available basis. Thank you volunteers!

Second annual Booster Bash 2013 event date set!

The date for the Second Annual Booster Bash 2013 has been set for September 7, 2013. The first annual Booster Bash event in 2012 was very successful and 2013 looks to be even better with your help. The Booster Club is looking for a Booster Bash event chair and volunteers to staff the committee contact the Booster Club. For more information see the Booster Club Events page.

Bash promo 2012-1024

16th Annual Tiger Run 2013 date is set!

The 16th annual 2013 Tiger Run is on the starting line waiting for the sound of the gun on December 7, 2013 but we need your help! There are several open positions to help organize and run this year’s Tiger Run which need to be filled to ensure a successful Tiger Run event. For more information see the Booster Club Events page or sign up as soon as you can! To volunteer or fill a chair please contact the Booster Club.