The Bingo Committee was hard at work

during the rescheduled Triannual Bingo committee meeting held at the Louie residence Sunday night.  Topics discussed at this working meeting included how to find and retain new bingo patrons, how to deliver a better bingo experience for all patrons, how to keep our regular players happy and the Tiger Bingo financials.  Additionally the respective bingo committees scheduled their member work dates.  To find out more about the inner workings of Tiger Bingo please fill out the bingo volunteer forms and volunteer!

triannual meeting 1 012614


triannual meeting 2 012614


Booster Club Board meeting 06/06/13 @ 7:00PM

All incoming and outgoing Booster Club Board members are invited to a casual working meeting 06/06/13 at 7:00PM at the Louie home. The purpose of the meeting is to improve Booster Club board member communication and understanding of how the Booster Club is operating and how it may be improved. Hope to see you there!