Greetings from the SPHS Tiger Booster Club Board –

First and foremost, we hope you and your family are doing well during these very challenging times.

We also want to thank you for your support of the Tiger Run – 2020 marks its 23rd consecutive year and it will our 1st year running Virtually!

That’s right, this year’s Tiger Run will be what you make of it – 1K, 5K, 10K, really any distance that you’d like to walk, stroll, jog or run safely on the streets – or on your treadmill. Feeling busy and no time to train? No worries, pick your own race date between Friday, November 20th and Saturday, December 5th. Have kids? Let them be a part of the Cub Run. Invite your local and out of town friends, family, and alumni to share your Tiger Spirit and help raise much-needed funds for clubs, activities, and teams at South Pasadena High School.

The Booster Club’s primary fundraiser, Tiger Bingo, has been on hold since early March due to COVID-19 – the absence of these funds is being felt across the 50+ clubs, activities, and teams that we support. Whether it’s funding for grants and scholarships, helping the clubs and activities that are working and competing virtually or in preparation for the next sports season, now more than ever the students need our help to ensure these activities are supported.

How can you help? REGISTER NOW! Good news – you can direct $10 of your registration to the club, activity, or team of your choice! In appreciation, you’ll receive a student-designed 2020 Tiger Run T-shirt, a commemorative sticker, and the chance to win prizes from local SoPas businesses.

For more information, follow us on instagram at @sphsboosterclub.

We truly appreciate your help –
Bill Buckley + Katie Clark
SPHS Booster Club, Tiger Run

Celebrating 50 Years of Supporting SPHS Students!!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  It certainly looks different than any of us ever imagined and we are all adapting to the changes that this new (hopefully very) temporary situation presents.  But, in the meantime, school starts, students get back to their routines, and in their resilience, the students find ways to continue their good work through clubs, academic and other pursuits, and, being optimistic here, athletics later in the school year.  It is with this optimism that the SPHS Tiger Booster Club continues its work to support the students of SPHS so that they can have the best experience possible.

In 1970, the South Pasadena High School Tiger Booster Club officially formed to coordinate fundraising efforts and maximize support for all of the students at SPHS.  Prior to that, parents had united to fundraise for their student’s individual school activities, but the formation of the Booster Club successfully coordinated and improved the success of these efforts.  And, so this school year, we are celebrating 50 years of Booster Club support to SPHS!

Under normal circumstances, Booster Club raises its funds primarily through membership, Tiger Bingo, and the annual Tiger Run, and the generosity of our members and the greater South Pasadena community.  As you can imagine, this year is looking quite different with Tiger Bingo shut down since March (hoping to reopen in early 2021) and the Tiger Run currently “wait and see”, but will, in any event look very different.  And yet, the show must go on for the students, who are still producing an amazing newspaper, creating a yearbook, competing in Virtual Business, and finding new ways to give and thrive through the over 50 clubs and other academic/athletic groups at SPHS!

And so, we are reimagining our fundraising this year and kicking off our “$50 for 50 Years” campaign to help us through this time and allow us to continue to support our amazing students in all of their extra-curricular endeavors.  We hope you will support this campaign!  We also hope you will join the Booster club!  Operated and sustained by volunteers, the South Pasadena Tiger Booster Club is a non-profit organization that draws its members from the entire community: parents, alumni, coaches, teachers, high school staff, and local businesses.  So, please join us!    http://www.sphsboosters.org/shop/ 

Dianne Parker

President, SPHS Tiger Booster Club

Boosters by the Numbers

2019- 2020 Booster Fall Grants and Contributions

Band Cymbals and Accessories


Baseball Backstops


Basketball – Boys Weighted Basketballs for training


Choir Uniforms


Color Guard Flags


Cross Country Strength and Conditioning equipment


Drama Props and Costumes


Football Shoulder Pads & Knee Braces


Pep Mats, straps, speakers


Skills USA Tent and Folding Platform


SPMS Gym AV System (gift for hosting Tiger Bingo)


Stadium Locker Room Benches


Stage Crew LED Curtain


Tennis –

Girls and Boys

Ball Machines (2)


Track Pole Vault Poles


Weight Room Assorted Weight Room equipment


Wrestling Weight Scale and Mats


Your continued support makes this support possible. 2019-2020 Booster Contribution list coming soon. Thank you so much.