The South Pasadena High School Booster Club raises funds to support over 50 clubs, activities and teams so our students can enjoy a wide range of athletic, artistic and academic experiences.  Funds raised through the Tiger Run, bingo, sponsorships, and donations help pay for equipment, facilities, team travel and more. From band to badminton, jazz to journalism, volleyball to Virtual Business, and Yosemite to yearbook, the Booster Club supports the extracurricular activities that broaden the horizons of all our students.

For over 50 years, the SPHS Tiger Booster Club has been there to help make it all happen. Each year, we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through Tiger Bingo, Booster Bash, Tiger Run, membership contributions and other fundraisers. These dollars go directly to support teams, clubs, and educational programs that contribute to the creation of balanced human beings and a memorable high school career.

Operated and sustained by volunteers, the South Pasadena Tiger Booster Club is a non-profit organization that draws its members from the entire community: parents, alumni, coaches, teachers, high school staff, and local businesses. We are united by our determination to provide the best possible experience for SPHS students.

We are proud to help provide significant financial support for the activities and experiences that enable our high school to provide a full and rich experience in and out of the classroom. Won’t you join us?


Boosters by the Numbers

2017- 2018 Booster Contributions to SPHS

Pep – two tiger mascot suits and bags    $2,021

Marching Band & Color Guard – Bass and electric guitar    $1,522

Football – iPad and HD camera, 2 sets of heavy ropes    $1,619

Athletic Department – Ice Machine    $8,500

Basketball – Shoot away machine    $4,665

Summer Reading Program Books    $3,000 contribution

Drama – camera lens    $691

Drama – Costume for Spring musical The Addams Family     $1,194 contribution

Stage Production – Moving Light units    $6,892

Softball – Batting tees, bow nets and weighted balls    $565

Skills USA – Robot competition kits and parts    $1,630

Your continued support makes this support possible. 2018-2019 Booster Contribution list coming soon. Thank you so much.

SPHS Booster contribution archive